To Scotland

18 September 2014

So we come to it. The vote.

#wdyk Brisbane

12 September 2013

It's been a crazy month for the ABC News Online team. We were pulling everything together for our live online coverage of the Australian federal election, whilst turning out charts and reports from the data we've been receiving from the Vote Compass app that has been running throughout the election campaign. With that in mind, you can understand why I was a bit worried about also committing to giving a talk at What Do You Know (WDYK) Brisbane, last night.

CampJS 2

12 August 2013

I've just returned from what was another incredible CampJS in the Gold Coast hinterland, Australia. It was a super-productive weekend for me, but I also made time for socialising with JS devs from across the country and catching up with friends.

How can browser-based development tools better aid visual design?

21 March 2012

As a developer, I (unsurprisingly) spend a lot of my time in the browser. Up until last year, I did the bulk of my development work in Mozilla Firefox, thanks to the invaluable debugging tools Firebug provided. These days I use Google Chrome Canary because their tools are better suited to my development style (although Mozilla are catching up). To better suit designers, they both have room for improvement.

Safely using .ready() before including jQuery

17 February 2012

Earlier today, I read Stop paying your jQuery tax, an excellent article by Sam Saffron which explains why it's a great idea to move all of your external JavaScripts to the end of the HTML document, then proposes a method which allows you to continue to use jQuery's .ready() method anywhere in your document, even though you've moved jQuery itself to the bottom. I've taken that a step further.

Moving the Web Forward

1 December 2011

There are a few developers out there such as Christian Heilmann and Paul Irish who are constantly making outstanding contributions to our community. They, and countless others are developing tools and libraries that make our work a lot easier, creating richer experiences and showing us how we can harness web standards to bring these experiences to as many people as possible. Yesterday, a website launched to let us know that we're invited to the party too.